IT Admins Need To Learn About Windows 10 For Mobile


Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 is arriving this weekend and many of us are awaiting for their own copy of the OS to be installed. With Windows 10 Businesses entities are said to be benefited with the up gradation as it is coming with interesting features.

With Mobile First aspect in Windows 10 as important factor will give prior notice of the Enterprise level features of Smartphones, Tablets, Embedded Devices which gives wings to IT Admins.

Windows 10 tipss here discuss 10 factors that IT Admins to know about Windows 10 for Mobile.

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MDM APIs for Windows 10 Devices

IT can centralize Device Management and Security with single set of mobile device management (MDM) APIs in Windows 10 will help throughout single enterprise mobile management (EMM) console which comes in support with Desktops, Phones, Tablets and Embedded systems. With unified set of MDM IT can stay at one place and manage every device in a single enterprise.

Unified UX

With Windows 10 comes in with unified UX where users can get unified experience in all the devices by which many processes can be happened all the way. With these factor IT can work with a ease with enrollment to configurations in a single device which later on can be synced across all the devices.

EMM Distribution

Microsoft is all set to introduce all advance features with Windows 10 to the IT. In Windows 10 OS, IT can easily distribute Win 32 applications through the system center without packing and carrying them. EMM console via MDM APIs could manage distribution and administration with in the system center all the way.

Granular Control

IT Administrators can control the OS updates within the Windows 10. With granular control the operating system updates can be installed and scan them so that they could be installed with in the system center according to the network connectivity and later on report the status of update to EMM console. With this management IT Administrator can work at a single work station based.

Enterprise Data Protection

In Windows 10 Enterprise Data Protection (EDP) will help IT administrators to easily scan or identify the data of an business applications which are commonly shared through SharePoint and later on can ben encrypted automatically. EDP will not scan application which comes from social networking or personal apps. With EMM, the data is managed separately with in the devices so that to prevent the data loss.

Azure Active Directory Control

If any devices within the network which is out of the compliance is blocked by Windows 10 with the process it intends an alert to the enterprises through which corporate cloud resources are secured. EMM on a spree will be monitoring and reporting status of the devices to Azure Active Directory and later on provides the grants or even denies the account access. AAD takes information from EMM and controls Office 365 in a dynamic way.

License Purchasing and Distribution

With the latest operating system of Windows 10, IT Administrators can purchase OS licenses and multiple applications with in the devices. Later on distribute all of them with in the devices with the help of EMM. The applications and licenses are installed to the Business Storage Portal online with a private network or offline and here doesn’t the devices connected to a public network. Bulk purchase made easy.

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IT can activate many devices deployments within the enterprise through the process of enabling admins to per-configure and enroll the devices in bulk with no individual user enrollment required with-in the Windows 10. With this features IT can easily work on Bulk Provisioning.

VPN app

App VPN in Windows 10 will access and protect resources through a secure and encrypted connection. VPN App use the filters with-in the applications to allow traffic from authorized applications like PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook. This app is much useful to IT.

Windows Store

With EMM APIs, apps from Windows Store which is unified can be provisioned to as many as users with in the enterprise on any Windows 10 Devices. With this single unified Windows Store, IT can get Win 32 apps, 3rd party apps, in-house applications in a go.


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