IT Admins Need To Learn About Windows 10 For Mobile


Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 is arriving this weekend and many of us are awaiting for their own copy of the OS to be installed. With Windows 10 Businesses entities are said to be benefited with the up gradation as it is coming with interesting features.

With Mobile First aspect in Windows 10 as important factor will give prior notice of the Enterprise level features of Smartphones, Tablets, Embedded Devices which gives wings to IT Admins.

Windows 10 tipss here discuss 10 factors that IT Admins to know about Windows 10 for Mobile.

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MDM APIs for Windows 10 Devices

IT can centralize Device Management and Security with single set of mobile device management (MDM) APIs in Windows 10 will help throughout single enterprise mobile management (EMM) console which comes in support with Desktops, Phones, Tablets and Embedded systems. With unified set of MDM IT can stay at one place and manage every device in a single enterprise.

Unified UX

With Windows 10 comes in with unified UX where users can get unified experience in all the devices by which many processes can be happened all the way. With these factor IT can work with a ease with enrollment to configurations in a single device which later on can be synced across all the devices.

EMM Distribution

Microsoft is all set to introduce all advance features with Windows 10 to the IT. In Windows 10 OS, IT can easily distribute Win 32 applications through the system center without packing and carrying them. EMM console via MDM APIs could manage distribution and administration with in the system center all the way.

Granular Control

IT Administrators can control the OS updates within the Windows 10. With granular control the operating system updates can be installed and scan them so that they could be installed with in the system center according to the network connectivity and later on report the status of update to EMM console. With this management IT Administrator can work at a single work station based.

Enterprise Data Protection

In Windows 10 Enterprise Data Protection (EDP) will help IT administrators to easily scan or identify the data of an business applications which are commonly shared through SharePoint and later on can ben encrypted automatically. EDP will not scan application which comes from social networking or personal apps. With EMM, the data is managed separately with in the devices so that to prevent the data loss.

Azure Active Directory Control

If any devices within the network which is out of the compliance is blocked by Windows 10 with the process it intends an alert to the enterprises through which corporate cloud resources are secured. EMM on a spree will be monitoring and reporting status of the devices to Azure Active Directory and later on provides the grants or even denies the account access. AAD takes information from EMM and controls Office 365 in a dynamic way.

License Purchasing and Distribution

With the latest operating system of Windows 10, IT Administrators can purchase OS licenses and multiple applications with in the devices. Later on distribute all of them with in the devices with the help of EMM. The applications and licenses are installed to the Business Storage Portal online with a private network or offline and here doesn’t the devices connected to a public network. Bulk purchase made easy.

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IT can activate many devices deployments within the enterprise through the process of enabling admins to per-configure and enroll the devices in bulk with no individual user enrollment required with-in the Windows 10. With this features IT can easily work on Bulk Provisioning.

VPN app

App VPN in Windows 10 will access and protect resources through a secure and encrypted connection. VPN App use the filters with-in the applications to allow traffic from authorized applications like PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook. This app is much useful to IT.

Windows Store

With EMM APIs, apps from Windows Store which is unified can be provisioned to as many as users with in the enterprise on any Windows 10 Devices. With this single unified Windows Store, IT can get Win 32 apps, 3rd party apps, in-house applications in a go.


Difference Between Windows 10 Home – Windows 10 Pro


Prior to the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has revealed that it is going to release various editions of Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft is now said to release Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro on July 29th which are desktop platforms and much function ability area in a long run. Many of users might be in dilemma that which edition should be used and what is the core differences between Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro.

For Desktop Users at Home, Windows 10 is coming only in two different editions all the way and packed in to Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro. In which Windows 10 Home is a biggest package with more features and it is said to have a basic eminities for an desktop operating system.

Windows 10 is said to reach all the expectations of the users who are earlier users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 who are now upgraded to the operating system completely free.

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Windows 10 Home

It is the first and foremost desktop operating system edition of Windows 10 which is coming up with bulk features which aren’t tried by Windows users earlier. From the beginning of new Style Menu and complete version of Cortana is the main tool in Windows 10 OS which is called as Digital Voice Assistant tool. Earlier Cortana was exclusive only for Windows Phone and now it is bought to Windows Operating system like an universal tool across Windows.

Battery Saver, New Biometric Security Feature called Windows Hello along with TPM Support are the great features which are packed in Home Edition version of Windows 10.

With Windows 10, once PC are turned to be power efficient with Battery Saver feature. This feature helps to cut down the background activity with-in the device by reducing the power light. Nowadays many PC manufacturers are installing TPM Chip which is a additional security function. If you have TPM chip in your PC then, Microsoft’s Windows 10 Home provide more security.

Microsoft all scooped with Virtual Desktop options to Windows 10 Home users where one could assist with 4 apps on the desktop and utilize to use the tool to the core. Aside of this Home versions users can give a touch of experience with Continuum which is a flag-ship feature in Windows 10 which helps to switch between desktop and tablet modes at a quick note.

Along with this Microsoft is introducing Microsoft Edge Browser where could feel a fresh browsing experience on the new operating system Windows 10. Edge is said to compatible to any home desktop and works efficiently than Chrome.

Microsoft has promised that it will push automatic Windows Updates to Windows 10 all version users even they are upgraded freely. With the feature of Microsoft Passport it enables Security Measures to the core.

With Home Edition, Microsoft is offering all essential features in this variant which is affordable to a budgeted users. However the above mentions basic features aren’t suite once work nature then the users can shift to Windows Pro Edition where it is likely for Business users.

Windows 10 Pro

Microsoft brings all the Home Editions features in Windows 10 Pro along with business apps which include Bitlocker, Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer (EMIE), Assigned Access 8.1, Domain Join, Group Policy Management, Direct Access, Remote Desktop, Client Hyper-V and many more to explain. This version is basically and more prominently useful for big -concern business entities all the way.

Bitlocker is used mainly for disk-encryption on Windows operating system. This application is termed as powerful tool for encryption. While Assigned Access 8.1 is key to for Pro users to lock accounts of users and also prevents them to access specific apps which pose security concern from particular user. Bitlocker will make to encrypt once external USB-Drives.

With Windows 10 Pro users can get seamless connectivity tools at the time of joining Azure Active Directory along with Business Store for Windows 10 OS.

Client Hyper-V feature lets business entities to built-in virtualisation solution in Windows and Domain Join tool will help to connect to a Windows domain. If above all mentioned are the activities of yours then you should opt to Pro Edition.

Microsoft Passport is also attached to Windows 10 Pro so that it enables Security Measures to the core. Group Policy Management , Remote Desktop, Microsoft Edge, Device Guard are more added features in this operating system.

More Editions of Windows 10

Microsoft named Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro are for retail users and direct paths will be released post the launch of the new operating system. Other Editions of Windows 10 are Enterprise, Student in the line.

Windows 10 Enterprise Edition is exclusively for organizations which might be based in large, small or medium scaled. This edition gets much more sophisticated and interesting features which are likely to play a major concern in organizational functionality. Enterprise Edition of Windows 10 comes with Device Guard features by which organization can lock the devices.

Windows 10 Enterprise will sold through volume licensing and to be retail of like Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Home.

Apart from above mentions Windows versions, Microsoft will also release Windows 10 Education which is exclusively only for Schools – Teachers, Staff, Administrators and Students. With variant comes with Enterprise Edition Features and will not be sold in a retail store. As it is scooped with more exclusive features to keep the data of educational institutions safe it will come with academic volume licensing. Windows 10 Education features are resembled to most of the Enterprise variant and to be much pricey at the concern. Users of Windows 10 Education can work seemingly much securely.

Microsoft this time is introducing more editions with its launch of Windows 10 desktop operating system so as all major concern departments are considered to be covered. Other than Window 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Education users can also get Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise.

Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise are not for Desktop Platform. As in the title itself, both the editions of Windows 10 are exclusive for smartphones and other mobile devices.

Microsoft is also in idea to launch Windows 10 Core which is essential for Internet of Things (IOT) devices. This is a new variant all the way from Microsoft which is under wraps for time being.

Note :- Windows users who are using the operating system with legit copy of Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium, or Windows 8.1 are eligible for Windows 10 Home upgrade while Windows 7 Pro, Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 8.1 Pro can be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro from July 29th.

Price Details

New Users can get Windows 10 Home for $119.99 while $199.99 for Windows 10 Pro. Retails Prices of Windows 10 are yet to be annoounced. Users can use Windows 10 Technical Preview for completely free if you had an Microsoft Account. Microsoft pushes Windows Updates to the users completely free for the life time and the updates might be followed through rings.

How To Update Android Phone With Latest Software


As all of us know that nothing is permanent, be it technology or our lives and every thing else. Always there would be a better of the present. In the present day technology where there are numerous inventions which one cannot imagine, we will have new updates for all the things which we use in our daily lives. In this article we will see how to update android with latest software.

Coming to the point, Android has been so many updates and still there will be. We need to move on with latest updates. If a developer think to introduce new functionality then there will be an update. We can have a major change in the existing functionality or there can be entirely new functionality.

Your device will inform you about the new update available. Check out some points to be remember before updating your device and how to update Android with latest software.

* Even though the new feature tested perfectly before the launch in the market, chances are there to crash your mobile. To avoid this make sure you have backed up properly.

Android Update Process

1) Open your device’s settings by finding in your App Drawer or press your device’s menu button when you are on the Home screen and select Settings.

2) Scroll down to “About phone” or “About tablet” and tap it to open your device.

3) Tap the “Software Updates” or “Software Update” option.

4) Tap “Update”. You may see “Check for Updates”. Then your device will check if there are any updates.

5) If there is any Update available, it will begin downloading. The time of download depends on the update.

6) Once the update is done. Tap “Restart & install” s

Now after installation the device has to restart to get the latest update working.

The above is the process How To Update Android With Latest Software. Try Updating your device so that you will in sync with latest software. You will come to know the new updates in the software.

Where to Buy Pocket Video Cameras

buy-pocket-video-camerasThere are many good reasons to buy latest handheld camcorder models as everybody comes up to use them nowadays while capturing and posting videos on many occasions. Some days earlier it was not a possible trend to post videos in many platforms such as YouTube, social networks, etc. Meanwhile lightweight video cameras, like the best juicer machine, change the trend and even the affordability of users as people can buy them with legitimate budgets. However, you should not sacrifice the video quality and other features while using the commonplace pocket video cameras. It is important because of the fact that you can avail a good one in a good rate if you are able to find a good store to get your desired pocket video cameras.

We are not saying that you have to go for full-size camcorders, but we can tell you strongly that it is possible to find the best workable camera if you can find the good tract. A provider that can assist you in the following aspects must be considered as a good place for selling pocket video cameras. Let’s discuss what features and quality they should offer to you.

This camera nominally consists of fixed focus lens instead of having those of zoom capacity. Thankfully you can get amateur videos and capture whatever you want instantly. Let’s have a look to what you need to check while buying pocket video cameras:

See the image quality of camcorder as a first consideration if you are interested in uploading videos to the sites. You can also use an electronic picture frame to check the picture quality of these video cameras.

If you like to watch the video on your HD TV, you need to choose a model which is capable of taking the HD-Quality video. If your budget is more than $100, you will be capable of purchasing such efficient cameras that would suit your needs. Even if you don’t want the HD quality, you should look for the high recording solution with this camera making sure you can avail the best quality video as you may need it any time in future.

Try searching pocket video cameras which have expandable memory. Normally, you get low memory in the commonplace camcorder which provides you 1 or 2 hours of video with its internal memory system. A memory SD card will help a camera capture video for more periods.

Some pocket cameras allow you to take photographs and help you record TV movies from DVD players. If you like to use your pocket cameras as a media player, an LCD screen will be suitable to help you suit the purpose.

What Types Of GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices Are There?

types-of-gps-vehicle-tracking-devicesSome of the leading providers of these advanced GPS vehicle tracking devices for the management of both the smaller and larger fleets of vehicles are real professionals and can handle really big accounts.

If you are just an individual on the other hand then there are also much cheaper and affordable GPS systems that you can buy just to track your own vehicle in the case of theft or teenage usage or by other friends and family members.

Many of these GPS tracking companies will also specialize in the actual design and manufacturing of these more advanced electronic fleet tracking systems for business and there is a lot of demand for these types of systems right now.

And as an example you can often see that even in every day company transportation operations these GPS vehicle tracking devices in systems that can be very useful by indicating careless drivers in a business fleet so that they can later be removed.

Real time monitoring of your vehicles can be very important and systems like this that use the best GPS vehicle tracking devices can be delivered today, but there will be a higher price to pay for all this extra technology.

Some GPS vehicle tracking devices are simple and as easy as it can get to track any vehicle as a small GPS tracker device attached to any type of vehicle can easily be used to monitor that vehicle all the time and wherever it goes on the roads etc.

In fact you can now even get some tracking devices that you can use at home to easily monitor all of your teens and their good or bad driving habits every day or even when they just borrow your vehicle for a trip out.

Often today we have seen many similar GPS vehicle tracking devices and products in the marketplace that can have more mapping and better viewing options provided with their computer monitoring software and this of course is a really good thing.

Some of the better GPS car tracking systems now includes some great features, such as a more advanced tracking technology to provide you with more accurate reporting and also special alerts software along with some very innovative mapping techniques and options to choose from.

It is without doubt a true fact to say that GPS vehicle tracking devices have totally changed the whole concept of vehicle tracking over the last few years and that includes fleet management and control as well.

In addition some GPS tracking units can now be used to help you navigate your own car through bad traffic and other normal day to day issues on the roads.

And as far as vehicle fleet tracking is concerned many will tell you that with the cellular GPS tracking system now in place these systems were set for a big success right from the very first day that one was designed.

So make the investment and buy one or more GPS vehicle tracking devices and really see what they can do for you!

Who Needs a GPS Vehicle Tracking System?


Anyone who wants a system to track any type of vehicle will need a system like this..

  • Every Vehicle Owner could use a Tracking System!
  • Today they have become affordable for the average consumer just like you and me.
  • And at the top end managers of large fleets will use them to track what their truck drivers are doing in real-time.

There are many reasons that you might want to buy and install a GPS vehicle tracking system, but these reasons are likely to be different for the fleet manage when compared to an ordinary consumer.

But whoever you are there will be a system to match your tracking requirements.

GPS Tracking Systems are for All of Us

Anyone who has a vehicle of any kind will find that there are plenty of reasons for wanting a GPS based tracking system installed.

The tracking systems available to consumers are obviously less sophisticated than what a fleet manager would use but you may still be amazed at what they can do.

If you are concerned about your car, auto, van or truck being stolen then if it was tracked you would now where it was if it went missing.

As a parent you may want to install one in the car that your kids use so you can monitor not only where they go, and how long they stay there but also how fast they go.

Recent surveys have suggested that the driving speed of their children is easily the major concern of parents when their kids are behind the wheel of a car or even if someone else is driving. If your kids are in the car they could be at risk.

Using a tracking system could even help you to teach your kids to drive responsibly!

If you are an employer then you may want to monitor what is happening to your company cars when your employees are driving them to ensure that you don’t incur extra costs due to unofficial non-company travel or other non-business purposes.

However you need to be aware that tracking devices can never be used to violate anyone’s privacy rights and that GPS tracking may be illegal in some states.

If you want to know more check out our other articles on the best GPS Vehicle Tracking System to suit your requirements.

How Does GPS Vehicle Tracking Work?


A vehicle tracking system using GPS takes the location, speed, direction and time data provided via satellite from the Global Positioning System to the GPS receiver unit in a vehicle and transmits it to a central computer connected to a private network or the Internet.

Vehicle Tracking Systems are Easy to Use

If you are the user of a GPS vehicle tracking system you will be able to sit at your PC or laptop computer, login to the system and monitor the movement, direction and speed of any vehicle that has a GPS tracking unit installed for your system.

You should also be able to look back at historical data of where the vehicle has been, when it was there and how long it stayed there.

On more expensive systems the amount of historical data you can store is considerable and you will also get analysis tools to monitor trends and calculate vehicle running costs.

You will be able to do this at any time because the GPS unit in the vehicle will operate correctly in all weather conditions.

GPS Vehicle Tracking is Very Accurate

Because they use GPS, these tracking systems are extremely accurate and will be able to show you vehicle positions on a digital street map that is correct to within 15 meters.

For the user GPS tracking is very powerful yet simple and easy to use. If you can use a computer you will have no problem enjoying all the functionality that it has to offer.

The latest development of these systems now allows you to view the vehicle location data on a map on your cell phone, which is updated automatically every couple of minutes.

Vehicle Tracking Systems can provide a lot of Historical Data

For the fleet manager or anyone running company cars, vehicle tracking systems are invaluable as they can provide up to date and historical data on routes taken for all their drivers whenever they are driving. If they are doing overnight or late deliveries you can check the system first thing next morning to check that everything went to plan.

With the lower priced consumer GPS tracking products you may find that in order to used the data it records you will have to take the unit out of the vehicle and connect it to your PC or laptop via a USB port. The data can then be uploaded and viewed on mapping systems such as Google Earth.

However there are also tracking systems for the consumer which operate similarly to the systems used by fleet managers, but these will obviously cost more and there is normally a monthly subscription.

The best GPS Vehicle Tracking System for you is the one that provides you with what you want and is affordable.